One of the reasons gold has been so popular as a jewelry metal is because it serves the purpose not only of adornment and beautification but also as an investment asset. In other words, the value of gold jewelry does not diminish with time like most other consumables. Rather, its value increases and decreases in accordance with how much gold is worth at any given time.

Gold is one of the fundamental asset classes that underpins the global economy and every since human civilisation developed, it has held value. Thus it is no surprise that given the current economic situation and the fact that the price of gold has risen to all-time record-breaking levels, people are looking to cash in on these latent investments and asking how much a 14k gold ring is worth.

Instant ‘How Much is a 14k Gold Ring Worth’ Calculator

Use this specially designed and easy to use calculator to instantly figure out how much your 14k gold ring is worth. The only piece of information you need is the weight of your ring which you can record by simply weighing it. This assumes however that the entire ring is made of 14 karat gold. If there are any embellishments to the ring that are not made of gold then you will have to make an adjustment to the weight calculation.

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If you want to find out how much a gold ring of a different karatage is worth simply use this generic gold ring worth calculator.

Want to Cash in on Your Gold?

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More About 14 Karat Gold Rings

14 karat gold is or particular interest because it is one of the most prevalent forms of gold purity used in jewelry in the United States. One of the reasons behind this is because 14 karat gold represents a great balance between price and quality.

It is used in the whole spectrum of jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, brooches, tie pins, button covers, cuff-links, pendants and of course rings.

The most common embellishment to a gold ring is of course a gemstone as is invariably the case in 14k gold engagement rings for example.

If the gemstone in question is diamond then your 14k gold ring will be worth a lot more than just the melt value of its gold content. If on the other hand it is a synthetic stone like CZ which is common in the case of gold class rings for example, then the value of your ring will largely be based purely on its gold content.

Since the karat scale is measured out of 24 parts, 14k calculates to a purity of 58.3%. In order to bring the gold content down to this percentage, a variety of other metals are added to the mix to make what are known as gold alloys.

Alloying is a skilful art and allows for creativity in gold color. Depending on the exact metals used and their proportions, white gold, rose gold, pink gold and even green gold hues can be manufactured.

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