Contrary to what appears to be popular belief at times, how much a white gold ring is worth is rather insignificantly related to the fact that it is white in color. The more pertinent question is how much is a 14k white gold ring worth or how much is an 18k white gold ring worth. This is because gold color is determined by its alloy mix and whether your ring is white, yellow, rose, pink or any other shade is largely irrelevant as compared to its purity.

A white gold ring can be constructed of any karatage ranging from the usual 9k upto 18k and all other things being equal, the 18k ring will be at least twice as expensive as the 9k one because it contains twice as much gold.

Thus unless there is something spectacularly unique about your white gold ring, how much it is worth is more significantly dependent on its purity. This is usually stamped on the inside of the band and may be indicated in karat or as a three digit number indicating millesimal fineness.

Millesimal fineness is a more accurate measure of gold purity as it is quantifies parts gold out of a thousand rather than only out of 24 as the karat scale does. 18kt gold for example can range from anywhere between 750 and 792 parts gold per thousand.

Instant ‘How Much is a White Gold Ring Worth’ Calculator

Use this specially designed and easy to use calculator to instantly figure out how much your white gold ring is worth. Note that this calculation gives you how much the gold content of your gold ring is worth at current market price. When it comes to selling as scrap, naturally you will get a lower price as there are costs and profit margins to be factored in.

Alternatively, you may get a higher price selling to a jeweller as you are selling the whole piece and not just its base bullion content.

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Want to Cash in on Your Gold?

If you are interested in selling your white gold ring as scrap gold, click on the ‘Cash in On my Gold‘ link to see how you can get a real quote for it.

More About White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and white metals such as silver and palladium that result in the whiteish hue being imparted upon the metal. Nickel has been used previously in the mix as well but is much less common today since it can cause skin reactions with some people.

In its natural state, white gold is actually a light grey color which is why many white gold rings are coated with rhodium plating as this gives it a more platinum type finish. These coatings do eventually wear off however requiring re-plating every couple of years or so. Since plating is always extremlely thin, it will not make any difference to how much a white gold ring is worth.

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