Celebrating memorable times spent in high school, college and university, class rings are purchased and generally worn at the time of graduation and kept for the rest of your life as a keepsake. After all, obtaining a college education is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of effort to get a college degree and college rings are a symbol of that hard work. These rings are a reminder that all those long nights spent awake studying, all the research and writing of term papers paid off in the end.

Use the ‘How Much is a Gold Class Ring Worth‘ calculator below to find out how much the gold content in your class ring is worth at melt value. You will need to know its purity and weight. Identify the purity of the ring by looking for a three digit number stamped onto the inside of the ring. This will be the purity on the ‘Millesimal Fineness’ scale.

With the purity known, you will need to figure out its weight. In order to do so, simply weigh it, but if it has a decorative stone set within it then you will need to estimate the weight of the stone and deduct it from the total weight.

Instant ‘How Much is a Gold Class Ring Worth’ Calculator

The specially designed and easy to use ‘How Much is a Gold Ring Worth’ calculator shown here will allow you to quickly and easily find out how much your gold ring is worth. You will need to know the weight of the ring and its purity.

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Note that this calculation is purely for the melt value of the gold content and is a base value that should be taken into consideration if you are planning on selling your gold ring as scrap.

If you feel your gold class ring might be worth something and are looking to sell it, click on the ‘Cash in On my Gold‘ link to see how you can easily turn your ring into hard US dollars at a good price.

More About Gold Class Rings

The tradition of wearing class rings is understood to have started at the great American Military Academy, West Point way back in the 1830s. A familiar sight in the United States and Canada, class rings are not actually common in other parts of the world such as Europe for example.

Generally made with a wide band and a large stone or jewel in the face of the ring, class rings may be contain more gold than thinner gold bands and may subsequently be worth more. But do think twice before considering selling your class ring. Even though they are not unique items by any means, they carry a high degree of sentimental and nostalgic value.

The name of your school or higher learning institute and the year of graduation will be engraved or embossed onto the sides of the band or around a central decorative stone. These decorative stones are rarely made from semi-precious gemstones but from synthetic stones such as cubic zirconia instead. Thus, how much a gold class ring is worth will mainly be a function of its gold content rather than any stone that may be present.

That can be hard to believe sometimes as many of these stones look quite beautiful. For example, the Astralight effect is a special option underneath the stone that gives the illusion of their being a rainbow beneath it and Sundance is an effect that gives the illusion of sunrays radiating outwards from beneath the stone.

Be careful when assessing how much your gold class ring is worth however. It may be that it is gold plated rather than actually made completely of gold. In such case, its worth will be much much less than its sentimental value to you and is not worth selling.

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