This easy to use calculator quickly and instantly tells you the 10kt gold price at today’s market rate.

Normally when you ask about the price of gold, you will be given a price that is based on 1 troy ounce of pure 24 karat gold.

But what if you have a 10kt gold chain or bracelet that weighs 50g say and you want to know its price or how much it’s gold content is worth?

Save yourself the mathematical challenge of converting 24 karats to 10 karats and troy ounces to grams by using this simple to use 10kt gold price calculator.

Instant ’10kt Gold Price’ Calculator

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How To Cash In On Your 10kt Gold

Believe it or not, the price of gold has been going up and up and up every year since 2001. In fact the price has increased a massive 500% over the past decade. That kind of profit would put a lot of Wall Street traders to shame.

Since the price of gold has been increasing, this means that the price of 10kt gold has also increased the same amount. However, since 10kt gold is not pure, it is not worth the same amount as solid gold. Given that gold is measured out of 24 karats, 10 karat gold is in fact 10 parts in 24 parts pure which calculates to 41.7%.

Nonetheless 10kt gold is still gold and with the gold price so high, now is a fantastic opportunity to cash in on any old or scrap 10kt gold you may have lying around your home.

How to Use The 10kt Gold Price Calculator

The purity is already preset for you.

  1. All you need to do is enter the weight of gold in tozs (tory ounces) or grams. Be careful to choose the right unit otherwise you will get an incorrect answer.
  2. Next, look at the ‘Current Price of Gold’ box on the right hand side of the screen and enter the gold price into the form.
  3. Now just hit the ‘How Much Is Gold Worth’ button and get your instant quote.

If for example, you wish to know the:
    10kt gold price per gram – Select ‘Grams’ & enter ‘1’ in the ‘Quantity’ field.
    10kt gold price per ounce – Select ‘Troy Ounces’ & enter ‘1’ in the ‘Quantity’ field.

Formula to Calculate the 10kt Gold Price

To evaluate the 10kt gold price you simply need to know how much of it you have and what the spot price of gold is i.e. the price of exactly 1 troy ounce of pure 24 karat gold that is quoted by the international gold bullion markets 24 hours a day.

Getting the spot price of gold is easy. It’s right here on this page under the ‘Current Price of Gold’ box on the right hand side of the screen

Weight on the other hand can be a bit tricky to figure out. Usually when you weigh your gold, you will note its weight in grams. However, the price of gold is quoted in troy ounces. In other words you need to convert grams to troy ounces but beware!

If you have a scale that measures both grams and ounces bear in mind that the ounces on your scale is the Avoirdupois ounce used for weighing everyday items which is not the same as the troy ounce which is only used for precious metals.

(Do you see why using the 10kt gold calculator above is a good idea)!

The formula to convert grams to troy ozs is:
        troy ounces = grams / 31.1035

Therefore, the formula to calculate the price of 10 karat gold is :
        (Spot Price of Gold * Weight of Gold (Troy Ounces)) * (41.7/100)

10 Karat Gold Jewelry

10 karat gold is a metal mix (known as alloys) comprised of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals such as nickel, tin, palladium, zinc and manganese in varying combination. It is interesting to note that since 10kt gold is actually only 41.7% pure, it is in fact not majority gold! It is basically a metal mix in which the largest component is gold. Nonetheless, it is the minimum purity that can be legally called gold in the United States.

Because 10 karat gold is made up of a greater percentage of stronger metals, it is extremely hard wearing and durable, more so than 14kt, 18kt and certainly 24kt gold which is actually quite soft.

Another effect of the lower gold purity is that 10kt gold can be quite pale in color and is not as yellow as solid gold or 18kt gold. The difference in color between 10kt gold and 14kt gold is not so obvious on first impression which can be quite advantageous if you are a buyer since the price of 10kt gold is naturally cheaper than its 14kt counterpart.

You can check whether your gold jewelry is 10kt by looking for a hallmark stamp. This will usually be on the inside of rings for example and should be stamped as 10K, 10KT or .417.

For some people, 10kt gold can actually cause skin reactions and allergies. This is because of the higher content of other metals in the alloy and is generally due to the Nickel content. If you find yourself reacting to 10kt gold, you should stop wearing it and choose a higher purity gold.

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